Wenger: Not my job to pick my Arsenal replacement


Arsene Wenger says he will not be involved in picking a replacement for his positions. The French manager recently confirmed he will be leaving Arsenal after being 22 years in charge of the club. Wenger told media he has no clue about potential replacements.

“I’m not involved in that and it’s not my job. My job was to perform with the team and my job is not to choose my successor,” Wenger told Sky Sports. “If somebody asks me an opinion I will give it, but I think a club works well when everyone does their job.”

One of the possible candidates is Zeljko Buvac, who is Jurgen Klopp’s assistant at Liverpool. “I don’t know him well,” Wenger said. “Publicly I think it is better I do not talk about it. It can disadvantage the other candidates and I don’t want to put pressure on people. It is better that they feel completely free to take who they want.”

Wenger did give the future Arsenal boss some advice: “He will need to make this club the priority of his life and commit completely and totally like he owns the club. There is no other way to manage a club of this stature than to think that my life depends on what is going on here. They must give absolutely everything to do well.”


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