Klopp slams Ramos for ‘brutal and ruthless’ challenge on Salah

mohamed salah

Jurgen Klopp has broken his silence on Sergio Ramos’ challenge on Mohamed Salah during the Champions League final. The Spanish defender received massive criticism for his challenge on Salah, but also for his elbow on Loris Karius, who was later diagnosed with a concussion.

“If you watch it back and you are not with Real Madrid, then you think it is ruthless and brutal,” Klopp said. “If you put all of the situations of Ramos together, and I have watched football since I was five years old, then you will see a lot of situations with Ramos.”

“It was ruthless. I don’t think Mo would have always got injured in that situation, this time it was unlucky, but it is an experience that we cannot have”, Klopp added. “I’m not sure if it is an experience we will have again – go there and put an elbow to the goalkeeper, put their goalscorer down like a wrestler in midfield and then you win the game.”


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