‘After we the lost CL-final I bought a barbecue to get me out of the house’

Andy Robertson

Liverpool managed to reach the final of the Champions League last season, which they would eventually lose to Real Madrid (3-1). The loss hit left-back Andy Robertson like a rock and the 24-year-old defender has now revealed he had a remarkable way of getting over the lost Champions League final.

“The day after the final, all my family were flying back and coming to the house. I had over 20 people at the final and they were all flying in at different times”, he said. “I sat up and spent some time with my little one (Rocco) because he can’t speak, which I was quite happy about!”

“You put so much into the whole day, so much adrenaline, and then you have a massive come down afterwards. That hit me”, he added. “I had to get through it. I went out with my dad and bought a barbecue from Homebase because everyone was coming round. It just got me out the house!”

Robertson did watch the final back. “It was a tough watch. I watched the first half an hour and I was thinking ‘we’ve got them here!’ I think we settled into the final a lot quicker than they did. The injury to Mo (Salah) affected us and things started going wrong after that. I honestly think the second goal took the wind out of our sails, and we didn’t know how to bounce back from it.”


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