Manchester United fan throws shade at Liverpool with diss track


Anyone who regularly watches Youtube knows that diss tracks are a common feature between its creators. It turns out that football fans are getting in on the action as the BBC have reported that a 2017 diss track from a Manchester United fan directed at Liverpool has emerged on social media.

Shared by a Liverpool fans twitter account, the song ‘Man United Da Fan’ is described as a ‘salty Bhangra banger’ and was originally uploaded to Youtube in 2017 by XD Music Pro and features Gursehaj Saini. Some of the salty lyrics include “whoever thinks Liverpool is great…they’ve been mistaken for over 27 years”.

It may have been a discovered a bit late however, given how Liverpool have been performing this season and they appear to be the main contender to challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title.

What do you make of it?


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