Solanke: Sancho’s move to Dortmund has affected everyone

Jadon Sancho

Dominic Solanke feels that Jadon Sancho’s success in Germany has inspired other young players at big clubs who want to get more playing time. The 21-year-old decided to leave Liverpool in January to join AFC Bournemouth as he was looking for more chances in a first team.

“That [Sancho’s success at Dortmund] has affected everyone,” said Solanke, who completed a €21m transfer. “When one young player sees another young player doing that they think they can do it as well, especially when everyone is playing at international level together.”

“Sancho is doing well in Germany and a lot of players would like to follow his path. What he’s done, getting into the England team at such a young age, it will influence a lot of young players.” Solanke made 27 appearances for Liverpool, but failed to play a single game this season.


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