Real Madrid reclaim top spot in ‘highest-earning’ club in the world

Real Madrid

Real Madrid are the highest-earning club in the world, replacing Manchester United at the top of the Deloitte Football Money League. The Spanish giants are the first ever club to generate more than €750million in revenue in figures collated for the 2017-18 season.

Manchester United, who topped the list last season, have slipped into third with FC Barcelona being the new number two behind Madrid. The top 5 is completed with Bayern Munich (4th) and Manchester City (5th). Tottenham Hotspur have made their comeback in the top ten for only the second time in the club’s history.

In the top ten there are a total of 10 Premier League clubs, which makes the English highest division the wealthiest division in the world. “European football remains a bull market, with annual revenue growth of almost €450million in this year’s Football Money League,” said Dan Jones, partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte.

The Deloitte Football Money League in full:

1. Real Madrid – €750.9m
2. Barcelona – €690.4m
3. Manchester United – €666m
4. Bayern Munich – €629.2m
5. Manchester City – €568.4m
6. Paris Saint-Germain – €541.7m
7. Liverpool – €513.7m
8. Chelsea – €505.7m
9. Arsenal – €439.2m
10. Tottenham – €428.3m
11. Juventus – €394.9m
12. Borussia Dortmund – €317.2m
13. Atletico Madrid – €304.4m
14. Inter – €280.8m
15. Roma – €250m
16. Schalke – €243.8m
17. Everton – €212.9m
18. AC Milan – €207.7m
19. Newcastle United – €201.5m
20. West Ham – €197.9m


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