Showman Icardi must learn to thrive in the shadows at PSG

mauro icardi

While certain players shy away from the spotlight, others are drawn to it in the knowledge it presents an opportunity to climb to the very top.

These players are showmen, entertainers. And this week Paris Saint-Germain added another star attraction to their billing in Mauro Icardi.

The Argentine now has the platform he’s always craved. Lining up beside two of European football’s best – Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, the world’s most expensive players – Icardi finds himself in an enviable position.

However, the balance between devastating and destructive is a fine one, and the former Inter captain is going to have to tread carefully.

The move isn’t a risky one for the Parisians, there’s no obligation for them to buy the striker at the end of the loan deal. But get this move wrong and Icardi might not have an opportunity to play for one of Europe’s top clubs again.

Controversy tends to follow Icardi and given the fractious relationship Neymar has with Edinson Cavani, many believe the Uruguayan’s potential successor will face similar problems with the Brazilian megastar.

Neymar has shown he isn’t prepared to make any sacrifices to his game to cater to others, not when he believes he’s the best player at the club. Icardi is a quality striker but he’s not Lionel Messi. If he’s going to thrive at the Parc des Princes he’s going to have to adapt.

With Cavani struggling with injuries and his future uncertain, this season is an audition for Icardi to become PSG’s long-term No.9, If he’s going to make the most of this chance he’s going to have to go from somewhat selfish to selfless.



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