Coronacrisis will cost Premier League clubs massive 1 billion in revenue

The 20 clubs in the Premier League are facing one of the most difficult seasons of all time. The clubs have been forced to delay the last games of the season due to the coronavirus and will now face even more problems. Due to the fact the clubs will not be allowed to have crowds at their games, Deloitte expects the clubs will suffer around 1 billion in revenue losses.

Earlier on it was revealed that the Premier League clubs recorded a revenue of more than 5 billion over the 2018/2019 season. For this season it is expected that these numbers will drop to 4.3 billion, with another heavy loss expected again for next season if it is still prohibited to allow crowds at the games.

The future for the leagues below the Premier League look even darker as there are now fears clubs will have to cut back their expenses for another 30% and work with a salary cap of 70% to ensure their survival during the crisis. The English football leagues are currently preparing their return, with the first Premier League games being played on June 17th.

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