UEFA sets dates for Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020

While the big leagues in Europe are all preparing for their return after the delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UEFA has still to decide on their tournaments. The Daily Star reports that officials of the European Football Association will meet next week to make a final decision on the conclusion of the Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020.

The UEFA is currently exploring their possibilities which range from a complete new set-up of the final rounds to finishing the tournament as normal. One of the possibilities would be for the remaining matches to be held in a format that resembles the World Cup, and ties of two legs being reduced to one.

There will also be talks about the locations of the finals of both Champions League and Europa League, which are in Istanbul and Gdansk respectively. The schedules and venues for Euro 2020 will also be on the table during the meeting next week. The original tournament would have started several days ago.

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