Atletico Madrid want Mario Gotze if midfielder drops high salary demands

Mario Gotze could be moving to Atletico Madrid next season. The German midfielder will be out of contract next month and is considered to be serious option to strengthen the Spanish giants. The club, however, are not too happy with Gotze’s wages and have asked him to lower his demands.

28-year-old Gotze is set to leave Dortmund after rejoining the club in 2016 from an unsuccessful stay at Bayern Munich. While the midfielder enjoyed a good spell shortly after his return, over the past few seasons Götze has lost his position on the team and this had made Dortmund decide to not extend his contract.

Atletico Madrid could prove to be fresh start for Gotze. There is one major problem and that is the German’s yearly wages, which is around €10m. The reports have claimed that Atletico have asked Gotze agree to a major wage drop, going down from €10m to €2m. It is unclear if the midfielder would agree such an offer.

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