Former Dutch and Real Madrid star: Vodka became my biggest friend

On Friday Wesley Sneijder will release a book about his life, written by the Dutch journalist Kees Jansma. Looking ahead at the publication of the book, the Dutch record international has talked to outlet Voetbal International about his years at Real Madrid, where he would stay for two full seasons from 2007. The former midfielder talks about his highs and lows during his stay in the Spanish capital.

After completing his move from Ajax, Sneijder was on a high. He played 38 games for Real Madrid, easily moving into the first team. “The one thing I did not notice was I gave myself to the nightlife of Madrid. I was young and I really enjoyed the success and attention. It must have gone wrong from there. I did not do drugs, but alcohol and rock ‘n roll. I got used to that lifestyle as one of the stars of Real Madrid”, Sneijder said.

“Everything that I did in that period was covered up. Even if I rolled over the street being drunk and spending thousands of euros, or giving rounds to the whole bare. I can’t say that I resisted it all and there was always another player around, usually Guti.” While he starred on the pitch, his private life was not going well. He divorced from his first wife. “I had discovered big life. And it hadn’t been going well for a long time. Grown apart, that’s what it’s called.”

The divorce was settled quickly, financially. “I was left alone and saw my little one, Jessey, much less. Shit. And I can’t be alone. Why would you be alone if you have enough friends to spend free time with? I just didn’t notice that the bottle of vodka became my best friend. It was pointed out, among others by Robben and Van Nistelrooij. They tried to help me with discipline. That I would not last long. “

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