Guardiola confirms fresh champions Liverpool will receive guard of gonour

Manchester City players will form a guard of honour for freshly crowned Premier League champions Liverpool, confirms Pep Guardiola. Liverpool secured their first league title in 30 years on Thursday after City failed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (2-1). Liverpool’s first game as a champion will be at City’s Etihad Stadium on Thursday.

And before the game City will give the new champions their honour. “Of course we are going to do it,” said Guardiola. “We are going to do the guard of honour, of course. Always we receive Liverpool when they come to our house in an incredible way. They cannot complain and, of course, we are going to do it because they deserve it.”

City trail Liverpool on 23 points and it has been suggested that City’s hunger or passion may have dipped. “A team that wins eight titles (trophies) in the last three years have passion, in every single game, in every competition, everywhere. No one in this country can say that”, Pep defended his team and players.

“It is so difficult to do what we have done in the most difficult league in the world but you cannot win all the time. There was one team that was exceptional and, when one team is exceptional, I say learn from them and congratulate them. It is simple. This team’s passion and desire, it is going and going and going again.”

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