English FA expects massive losses due to coronavirus impact

The English Football Association is forced to make 124 positions redundant as CEO Mark Bullingham sets out the ‘irreversible’ impact of the coronavirus pandemic impact on the world. The FA expects to make a massive €350m loss and Bullingham states he is forced to let people go.

“Today we are proposing to make 124 positions redundant,” he said in a statement published on the website of the FA. “Because we halted recruitment the day we left the offices in March, we are able to take 42 vacant positions out of the structure, which means that we are proposing to remove 82 roles from the organisation.”

“We recognise that this is an incredibly difficult time for those employees who have been affected by these proposals and we will do everything we can to support them during a consultation period, which will start soon. All areas of the FA will be affected. One of the most difficult decisions a board and a senior management team have to make is taking really tough financial decisions in the face of a financial crisis which could result in people losing their jobs.”

“We need to save £75m a year and we’ve got a £300m potential hole to fill over the next four years. We have a responsibility to preserve our core functions that regulate and serve English football,” he said. “We also have a duty to support our men’s and women’s senior teams in their efforts to win major tournaments.”

“That means we have set out in our proposals some difficult choices because we do not think we can afford to do all the things that we did before. We believe the impact of this crisis is to force us to focus more than ever on our key priorities.” One of the major reasons for the big losses at the FA are the loss of revenue from events to take place at Wembley. Concerts, regular NFL matches and other events were canceled due to the coronavirus.

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