Jurgen Klopp does not expect a busy transfer window for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has given a hint on Liverpool‘s transfer activity during the summer transfer window. The freshly crowned Premier League champion says that he expects an easy summer for the Reds as the club will find it hard to recover from the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It is about how influential the coronavirus crisis would be on all financial parts of life. It’s not only football, we all will pay a bill in the end. Nobody knows exactly how big the bill will be. Hopefully it is over soon but we should not start taking for granted it all will be fine.”

“We cannot spend millions and millions and millions because we want to or we think it is nice to do. We never wanted that. [The reality is] COVID has influenced both sides with ins and outs. It’s not likely that it will be the most busy summer in the world.”

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