Carlo Ancelotti wants Everton to emulate Liverpool: Improve year-by-year

Carlo Ancelotti is determined to bring Everton to the top of the Premier League. The Italian coach has had a wide range of success during his career, winning three Champions Leagues and titles in the Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 and has not set his sight on changing Everton from a mid-table team to a title challenger. He uses Liverpool as a prime example of how to achieve greatness.

Talking to Sky Sports Ancelotti insisted he wants to win titles at Goodison Park. “Everton has to be competitive and fight for the first position of the Premier League with Liverpool, with Chelsea, with Tottenham, with Manchester United, with all the big teams. I don’t know how long it takes but I hope that soon we are able to compete.”

“We have a young squad with young players with a lot of skills, a lot of ability. I think just the fact that we can improve this skill and this ability can give us more opportunity to stay at the top. I think that Liverpool did a fantastic job in the last five years, when Jurgen came, and year-by-year they improved their squad. I think this is the way that we have to follow, to improve the squad year-by-year.”

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