Alexander-Arnold determined to become Liverpool captain in the future

Trent Alexander-Arnold‘s career has taken off ever since the full-back made his debut for Liverpool three seasons ago. The 21-year-old has rapidly developed into one of the best defenders in the world, but that doesn’t mean the England international will be taking it slow. Alexander-Arnold insists that there is much to reach during his career, with the captaincy of his boyhood Liverpool being one of his major goals.

“Becoming Liverpool captain eventually motives me every day,” Alexander-Arnold told The Telegraph. “It is something I want to achieve. Obviously that will not be my decision, but if I did not manage that before the end of my career I would be disappointed. I have always thought about that.”

“Whether it happens or not, I feel it is my job at Liverpool to lead by example. I always try to do that now – to be an example for the younger lads coming through. I feel as though I am part of a team where everyone is influential and helping each other. That is what captains do. They lead and drag the side through tough times, and motivate the players alongside them.”

“If you look at Ronaldo and Messi, it is the same. You never see them relaxing. Ronaldo has won five Champions Leagues. If you asked him if he was happy with that, he would say, ‘A little bit, but I want another one’. As an athlete, it would be weird not to have that competitive nature. You need goals and ambitions.”

“For the last two seasons, that ambition was to win the biggest trophy so far as Liverpool are concerned, which is the Premier League. Coming close last year was tough. Next season will be the same. It is a natural reaction for us as players to keep pushing to achieve what others have not done.”

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