Jurgen Klopp expects Man City to come back stronger next season

Jurgen Klopp has dismissed the suggestions that Liverpool‘s victory in the Premier League has put an end to Manchester City‘s reign of power. The Citizens have won four titles in the past decade, being the most dominant club in the Premier League. Despite trailing Liverpool on 23 points, Klopp expects that Manchester City will be coming back much stronger next season.

“Did I hear that right, you think it could be the end of an era?” Klopp said at a press conference. “City did have to replace the likes of Kompany, and maybe they were a bit under pressure from different authorities so a big transfer was not possible, I don’t know? Now David Silva is going. You know how much I admire him.”

“He never played in my team but I loved him since pretty much he started playing football. But if he can be replaced by somebody, then I have to say they have the perfect players for that; if it’s Bernardo Silva or [Phil] Foden, or Ilkay Gundogan can play that role as well. They don’t lose players, they replace them. A lot of world-class players are still there. If Aguero gets older, then Gabriel Jesus is there. They will not stop.”

“I couldn’t be more positive about my team, but I cannot deny that they [City] are really good. That was always the case. We still wanted to beat them. I don’t see any end of an era, but what is an era? We won the title, and the next day people told me we were only a big team if we win it twice or three times or four times!”

“Sorry! Can we at least speak for five minutes about winning it one time? That’s not too bad, we were fighting long enough. When the new season starts we will try to be in contention again, but no, I cannot see the end of anything for Man City!” Liverpool will head to the Etihad on Thursday to play Manchester City, who will be giving the champions a Guard of Honor, City boss Pep Guardiola confirmed.

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