Man Utd used to aim ‘top one’ now they aim for ‘top four’, says Berbatov

While Manchester United have been making steps in the Premier League under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this season, the Red Devils aren’t anywhere near their old self, says former striker Dimitar Berbatov. The Bulgarian urges fans not to ‘get carried away’ with United’s most recent form as the club is still only aiming to finish in the top four instead of aiming to clinch the title.

“If they can keep this level of performance up to the end of the season then it will be great, and it will give everyone at the club a big boost going into the new season”, Berbatov said talking to Betfair. “Hopefully, a good run will bring them success and get them into the top four. If that is the case then it can really be the start of something, especially with their young squad and what Solskjaer has been building.”

“Their performance against Brighton was great, but now it’s over and if they lose the next game, their work will count for nothing. I’m pretty sure other teams will be sitting up and paying attention to how well United are doing at the moment, and how improved they are, especially those teams that are fighting with them for top four.”

“Now, consistency is key and we must remember that United have had some good games in the past but haven’t really built on that, and they dropped points and didn’t achieve their goals. Now, I think they have their priority in sight, and if they continue to play the way they have shown they can since the restart they will have a really strong finish.”

“The United players shouldn’t be getting carried away and I don’t think they will be. We are talking about Man United getting into the top four here, while not long ago it was all about being the top one.” Manchester United are currently in fifth position and have moved within two points of Chelsea after the Blues lost 3-2 away at West Ham United on Wednesday.

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