Townsend: Kane will stick around at Tottenham because of Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur fans do not have to fear Harry Kane leaving the club now that Jose Mourinho has taken the reign at the club, says former Spurs forward Andros Townsend. Now at Crystal Palace, Townsend believes that if Tottenham would have chosen a different pathway or building project, Kane would have considered leaving. But under Mourinho Spurs look destined to win a trophy.

“If Spurs had gone for another project, if maybe they had got the Ajax manager in, then maybe he has to leave because he can’t be waiting for or five years to get back to the top and win a trophy,” Townsend told talkSPORT of Kane. “But I’m certain that Jose Mourinho will win a trophy during his time at Spurs.”

“Whether that is the League Cup or the FA Cup or the Premier League and the Champions League, I don’t know. But I feel with the manager that they have, they can fulfil Harry Kane’s ambitions and I hope they do.” Spurs have not won a single trophy in the past 12 years, a drought that could have Kane decide to leave the club.

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