Mauro Icardi happy in Paris: I always wanted to sign for PSG

Former Inter captain Mauro Icardi has revealed he is delighted with his permanent transfer from Internazionale to Paris Saint-Germain and has stated that the Parisians have always been his first choice. The Argentinian forward has denied all rumours of possible moves to Napoli and Juventus before he decided to sign for PSG.

Icardi has just finished his first season at PSG, scoring 20 goals in 31 games. He was initially on loan at the French giants, but recently signed for them on a permanent transfer. “As soon as I arrived from Italy to Paris, my decision was Final,” he told Le Parisien. “The option to buy could only be activated this season but for me, everything has been decided since last season.”

“When the option became a real opportunity, we discussed it with the managers, with Leonardo. We evaluated the decision with my family, and we all decided to stay. Leonardo then confirmed that the option was triggered. It was easy to sign.” PSG eventually signed Icardi on a multi-year contract in a transfer worth around €64m.

Icardi also had time to talk about rumours on a move to Napoli or Juventus before he moved to Paris on a permanent transfer, but the Argentinian denies any contact. “No, no. I feel good in Paris. I went back to Italy during the holidays and spent them there with my family. It’s close, barely an hour with the plane. Now, my family has completely settled in Paris.”

With Edinson Cavani leaving PSG this summer, the No9 shirt is up for grabs, but Icardi has not asked for it yet. “We have a good relationship with Edi, both on and off the pitch. He’s an exceptional man, the type of person who will always be missed. The coach is paid to make decisions. If he thinks that a certain player is better for a certain game, you must respect that decision.”

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