Gareth Bale’s agent still expects big-money moves despite coronavirus pandemic

Football clubs from all over the world will still spend millions on football transfers despite the coronavirus pandemic, says Jonathan Barnett, agent of Real Madrid‘s Gareth Bale. The pandemic has played havoc with football since the outbreak in China early 2020, causing some serious financial impacts on a lot of clubs.

With clubs being left without crowds and complications with TV revenue, there has been a fear that the transfer market could collapse. Some predictions even feared that player value’s would drop by 30% to 50%. But Barnett feels this will not be the case and that there will still be big money transfers this summer.

“If a club has the finances to pay for a transfer, they will do it,” he told ESPN. “The clubs have to be run properly. Every business in the world has to be run properly. Nobody forces anyone and says ‘you must have a big transfer.’ You’ve got to look at it generally, and you can’t compare apples and oranges. Some clubs can, some clubs can’t.”

Barnett does, however, believes that it will be a quiet summer window and that after a period everything will return to normal. “Clubs have suffered losses and it will take time to get back because they will have to recoup them,” Barnett said. “But when the crowds come back, the money comes back into the game, it will carry on as normal. Slowly things are coming back but it will take a while. There’s no doubt about that.”

“We’ve maintained a slightly different view because we haven’t really been looking to talk about football with clubs. With this virus going on and unfortunately a lot of people being ill and dying, it wasn’t the right time to start talking about transfers and things like that. We haven’t really gone into that aspect of it. As we’re coming out of it and clubs start to play again, then we can start to talk.”