Messi doesn’t want to leave FC Barcelona, he wants Bartomeu out

Lionel Messi does not want to leave FC Barcelona, claims Goal. The Argentinian is reportedly unhappy about the club’s board and has therefore stopped negotiations for a new deal. A report by Goal claims that Messi has deliberately ended contract talks to put pressure on club president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The star forward is believed to be ‘immensely frustrated’ with how the club is presently being run. Rumours of Messi ending all negotiations with the club emerged last week and the Argentinian has yet to respond to these rumours. But according to the report it is telling that Messi has not responded yet.

It is believed that Messi is using his power at the club and will be using it for the first time in his 19-year career at the Nou Camp to force Bartomeu out. With Messi refusing to talk about a new deal, the pressure has been piling on the club president and there are chances that next year’s presidential elections could be brought forward if Bartomei decides to quit his position.