Pirelli could help Internazionale sign Lionel Messi, says CEO Tronchetti

Pirelli chief executive Marco Tronchetti has revealed that his company could help Internazionale sign Lionel Messi, but he also insists that club president Steven Zhang must ‘make an effort himself’. Messi’s future at FC Barcelona is in serious doubt after the Argentinian stopped negotiations for a contract extension beyond 2021.

Inter have been one of the clubs who have been linked with Messi in the past and this time the Nerazzurri are yet again one of the possible frontrunners. Tronchetti has now admitted Pirelli will be able to help the club to sign Messi, but that the coronavirus pandemic will impact their possibilities and that the tyre company will need help from Inter’s owner Zhang.

“Honestly, at a time like this, we’re unable to invest in sports more than we are, between Formula 1, the America’s Cup and Inter,” Tronchetti told Gr Parlamento. “We have to ask Steven Zhang to make an effort himself. We can help, but we can’t do anything significant.” Messi’s current deal will run out in 2021 and it is feared he could be leaving Barcelona as soon as this summer.