UEFA sets deadline to make decision on remaining Champions League games

The European Footballing Government UEFA will announce on July 9 where and when the remaining games of this season’s Champions League and Europa League will be played. Earlier reports claim that the Champions League will be played out in a short format at the end of August in Lisbon.

The UEFA will make a final decision on Thursday to finalise the locations for the remaining games in the two competitions. Portuguese cities Porto and Guimaraes are currently lined up as back up options, according to reports from Marca. Their prime choice will be Lisbon, but due the latest coronavirus developments, the UEFA could decide to pick a different city.

As it stands there are still four games to play in the round of 16 at the second leg stage. These are: Manchester City vs Real Madrid, FC Barcelona vs Napoli, Juventus vs Olympique Lyon and Bayern Munich vs Chelsea. The UEFA will also make a decision on where these games will be played, as it could be possible that the home clubs host the games at their own stadiums.

The Europa League is set to be played in Germany in the city of Cologne in late August. The second European tournament will be played in a similar format as the Champions League: a short tournament with eight teams and single legged rounds. Teams in the Europa League are Wolverhampton Wanderers, Manchester United, Sevilla and Bayer Leverkusen.