AC Milan in talks with Liverpool: ‘See where they are now’

AC Milan have been in talks with Liverpool in recent weeks to form a strategy to make a return to the top of Italian and European football. The Rossoneri are currently experiencing a long drought in terms of winning silverware and would like to return to their former ways. Liverpool have experienced a similar slump during the first half of the 2010s, but have developed into one of the strongest clubs in the world.

“We have been talking to Liverpool because they’ve been through the same path as we are going through now,” Milan chief Casper Stylsvig told The Associated Press. “We’re working very hard to get back to where we should be, and from that perspective, it does help open doors when you have won seven Champions Leagues. Playing European football is top of the agenda. It is our natural habitat and somewhere we should be.”

“Four, five years ago, no one considered Liverpool and see where they are now. They obviously play very attractive football”, he continued. “They are winning, they have a fantastic manager, a fantastic team and now they are following suit from a commercial perspective. It has taken time, but their model seems to work. We are obviously a global brand.”