Zlatan wants Scudetto if he stays at Milan: ‘We will win in next season’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be 38-years-old, the Swede remains very ambitious and confident of his own abilities. The striker’s contract runs out this summer and he has not held talks with Milan over a possible extend stay, but he has already promised Milan supporters he will win them the Serie A title if he stays on at Milan next season.

“I’ll keep playing only if I can bring results. I’m not a mascot. I’ll only go on if I can make the difference. Playing for the sake of playing is pointless, I can do that with my children”, Ibrahmovic told Sky Italia. “We’ll see, I’ve still got three weeks left on my contract. Nobody has started discussions from Milan’s side or mine. Nobody at Milan knows anything about the future right now. Let’s just play and finish the season as well as possible, then we’ll see.”

“I don’t know who Rangnick is and I don’t know if he’s coming. They haven’t told us anything, I don’t know if it’s official. If I’d been here from Day 1 we would have won the Scudetto. If they keep me, we’ll win it next year. It’s not a promise, nor a guarantee – for that you have to speak with Mino [Raiola].” Zlatan has made 13 appearances for Milan this season, scoring 6 goals and providing 3 assists.