Mourinho on Europa League: ‘It’s like Lewis Hamilton winning the F2’

Tottenham Hotspur are still in the race to claim a spot in next season’s Europa League. Jose Mourinho’s side currently sits in eighth place on the table and are only three points behind sixth placed Wolverhampton Wanderers. Mourinho admits he wants to lead his team into the Europa League next season, but also compared playing in the competition to Lewis Hamilton winning Formula Two.

“The Europa League is not the biggest competition in Europe,” he told a news conference. “But it’s the second and when a club wins the Champions League or when a player wins it or a manager does, well, if you ask Lewis Hamilton if he wants to win Formula Two or 3000 or whatever you call it, I don’t think it will be a great deal for him.”

“But it’s a competition and I prefer to play Europa League than not to. I think it’s a title Tottenham would like to get. Of course at [Manchester] United, it’s a club with a dimension that thinks about the Champions League, but we played in the Europa League and we won it. I think we should do everything to play in the Europa League next season and we should fight for that.”