Conte warns Eriksen on Inter form: ‘Expectations are high in Italy’

Christian Eriksen has been warned by Antonio Conte that he needs to raise his game in order to keep on playing for Internazionale. The Danish midfielder joined Inter in a transfer from Tottenham Hotspur in January and has yet to make an impact at the Serie A giants. In Inter’s 3-1 win over Torino on Monday, Eriksen was granted only six minutes.

“He has to hold down certain levels, but balance is needed. He’s improving and he’s aware that he joined an ambitious club that is asking a lot of him”, Conte told reporters after the game. “Expectations are high in Italy. The bigger the name you are, the more people expect from you.”

“I’ve worked in England and the situation there is more enjoyable, more peaceful. He’s committed and doing well, but I have to make decisions for the good of Inter”, he added. “When I pick a player, I don’t look from the neck up. I want them to carry on like this. This team have great spirit. Sometimes they need to believe in their quality more.”