Jose Mourinho blasts FFP: ‘I like the concept, but right now it is a big circus’

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has hit out at the UEFA for the Financial Fair Play rules. The Portuguese manager says he and others don’t understand the process of the ruling and has called for the ‘circus’ to end after Manchester City had their two-year European ban was overturned by the CAS on Monday.

City’s ban was lifted as most of the evidence found in the case was time-barred and could not be used by the UEFA to exclude them from European football. Mourinho has already told a press conference that the decision to lift the ban was a disgrace and while the Spurs boss’s anger is not directed at City, he says the UEFA should end the Financial Fair Play system.

“Consistency I like, clarity… I don’t like doubts,” he said. “I like when a player buys another player from a team or I like when they swap players. I don’t like when I buy a player for £10million and then two weeks later the club that was the seller comes to my club and buys a player for £10million plus one pound. Everybody knows what is going on.?”

“That is the only thing that disturbs. My opinion about FFP doesn’t change, like my opinion on VAR. When I said a few years ago I like the concept, I like the concept. What I don’t like is the interpretation of it, the people with the tools they have at their disposal. And Financial Fair Play is the same thing. When I say it should finish it is not because I do not agree with the basic principle. It’s because I don’t agree with the circus.”

“So let’s open the door of the circus and let people enjoy and don’t pay and go in and come out and do what they want and stay for the clown show and then go out because I don’t like the horses’ show. I come in, I go out, there is no control. Let people enjoy freely.”

“I don’t understand the process, I don’t know what is going on. A club like Newcastle with a new owner, if there is no Financial Fair Play he will be free to do what he wants, to spend what he wants, to get the best players in the world if he can afford that. Without hiding anything.”