Joan Laporta blames current Barca board: ‘Things are not on a good path’

Former FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta is not happy with the way his former club is being controlled at the moment. Talking to Sport he blames current president Josep Maria Bartomeu for the rumours around Lionel Messi‘s future and he expresses his concerns that the Argentinian could be leaving once his contract expires in 2021.

Talking to Sport, Laporta said: “When I say that we have to be vigilant, this is one of the issues I am talking about. Messi is a player with more to give, the best ever and we have to create the right conditions for him to continue, to feel happy and to give us several more years.”

“I want Messi here beyond 2021, but I fear that some decisions from the board could lead to an irreversible decision.” And he feels that Bartomeu is not helping at all: “The way I see it things are not on a good path with the way this current board is moving.” It is believed that Laporta is ready to come back as the president of FC Barcelona, possibly becoming a candidate for the 2021 election. He was President of the Club from 2003 to 2010.