‘Luka Jovic needs to show Real Madrid how professional he is if he wants to stay’

Luka Jovic will have to work hard if he wants to stay at Real Madrid, says former team-mate Milos Ninkovic. The young Serbian was signed by Madrid last summer, but has failed to settle in at the Spanish club, making headlines for his off-pitch actions more than making headlines for his performances on the pitch.

The 22-year-old striker has made 25 appearances for Madrid this season, scoring just two goals. Together with his off-pitch behaviour, rumours  of a Madrid exit have intensified in the past couple of weeks. AC Milan has been put forward as a suitable option for Jovic, while German side Hertha Berlin reportedly joined the race to sign the striker.

Ninkovic knows Jovic well and states that his countryman has the potential to play for a club like Madrid, but that he will need to show them more professionalism. “His biggest problem is not how he performs on the pitch, it’s how he performs off it. He had so many problems off the pitch with some injuries and hanging out with some friends from Serbia when this virus started.”

“I understand that because I was young as well. I signed, not for such a big club like Real Madrid, but I signed for Dynamo Kiev when I was 19, probably the biggest club in Ukraine and Russia. When you’re young and you sign for a big club, he is on big money as well, it’s hard to stay normal. He wants everything. As a young kid, he wants to stay with friends and go out. I read that [Zinedine] Zidane believes in Luka and he will stay next season.”

“They probably understand that he is still young and everyone went through this. I understand him but he needs to be more serious because Madrid are a big club, they won’t wait three, four years… He needs to be more professional if he wants to stay there.”