Meunier hits out at PSG and Leonardo: ‘What he said is not correct’

Thomas Meunier is happy to have left Paris Saint-Germain. The Belgian right-back signed for Borussia Dortmund on a free transfer after his contract in Paris had expired. In talks with German media source DPA Meunier has hit out at technical director Leonardo.

Meunier spent four years at PSG, but decided to leave the club on a free transfer instead of signing a new contract. The Belgian international is furious with the image Leonardo has been sketching of him over the past few months. “Leonardo never took the agreement with Dortmund into account, let alone what I wanted. If it was up to him, I would have played for free,” Meunier complains to DPA.

While Meunier signed for Dortmund at the end of June, the Germans were prepared to allow him to stay with the Parisians to finish the Champions League. That was canceled and Meunier blames Leonardo for that. He also reveals he had received a letter from the club, asking him not to show up for training anymore.

“Then I was informed by telephone that I was not allowed to cross anyone’s anymore, because I could reveal aggravating matters,” said Meunier. “It was a typical case of loss of reality. Leonardo told the French press that I turned down a contract extension. However, I want to point out clearly that it is not correct.”