‘Barcelona risks becoming a new AC Milan or a Manchester United’

FC Barcelona risks ‘becoming a new AC Milan or a Manchester United‘, says club presidential candidate Victor Font. The 47-year-old will be challenging current president Josep Maria Bartomeu in 2021. Font feels a lot has to change at Barcelona for the club to return to the top of Europe and to challenge for European prizes.

Font says he has been working on his presidential project since 2013 and he feels the club is at a turning point, as they need to replace a key generation of players, renovating the stadium and returning to full power after the club has been hit hard by the corona virus pandemic.

“Competition over the last decade has become more and more professional,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Euro Leagues podcast. “You see in the Premier League with clubs well managed, and even states owning clubs to put in a lot of money at a time where the finance of the club and economic model is stretched to the limit. Unless we do what we are trying, Barca has the risk of becoming a new AC Milan or a Manchester United.”

Milan has not won the Serie A since 2011, while Manchester United‘s last title in the Premier League was in 2013. One of the main reasons Barcelona are underperforming is an unhappy Lionel Mess says Font. “He is unhappy and doubting what to do next,” Font added. “He is probably a bit frustrated as year after year he is not able to win, especially the Champions League. That’s where the focus needs to be.”

“We want to ensure he understands if we were to run the club from next summer onwards, we would put all the conditions to equip him in the best possible way so the last years of his career here he can still aspire to win a couple of Champions Leagues.”