Lionel Messi blasts Barcelona after losing La Liga title

Lionel Messi has blasted FC Barcelona‘s performance in 2019/2020 and has insisted that they will need to improve if they want to be successful in the Champions League. Barcelona suffered their sixth La Liga defeat on Thursday against Osasuna in their own Nou Camp, while Real Madrid celebrated their 34th league title by beating Villarreal.

With the loss Barcelona are nou seven points behind Real Madrid. After the game Messi was angry with his own team. “We didn’t want to end the season like this but it represents how the season has gone,” Messi began. We were a very erratic, very weak, low-intensity team…We lost a lot of points and today’s game is a summary of the season.”

“We have to be self-critical. Starting with the players but doing a global self-criticism. We are Barca and we have to win everything. We can’t look at Madrid…Madrid have done their job, but we have helped them a lot. If we want to win the Champions League, we have to change a lot. If we continue like this, we will lose the game against Napoli.”

Messi feels that January has been a turning point for Barcelona. “We have to change lots of things. We have a game against Napoli just around the corner and things have to change. I think we’ll have a break now which will be good for us to clear the heads a bit.”

“January until now has been such a terrible time for everybody. I think in the Champions League there are four matches where we could turn the whole season around if we get the right results.”

“I think the people here at the club will feel angry about what’s been going on this season but that’s normal, the players feel like that too, it’s logical people will be critical. I think it’s like losing against Roma and Liverpool, when you don’t win anything no-one is happy.”