Robertson fed-up with of comparison to Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney

Andy Robertson says he is ‘sick to death’ about people comparing him to fellow Scotsman Kieran Tierney. Both players now play in the Premier League with Robertson starring for freshly crowned champions Liverpool, while Tierney is in his debut season with Arsenal following a move from Celtic.

Since Tierney has moved to the Premier League, the two left-backs have been compared to each other on more than one occasion. “I’ve spoken to KT about it before. Me and Tierney are probably sick to death of everyone comparing us. One good performance from each of us and it’s one of us is better than the other. It’s just two players playing at a good level.”

“It gets a bit tough when everyone in Scotland starts comparing you. Steve Clarke will have his own ideas and whatever he does it’s for the best of the team. Whether that’s playing one of us or two of us, we both have to deal with that.” Both are international for Scotland, leaving head coach Steve Clarke with a headache who to pick as a starter.