Manchester City are considering legal actions against La Liga president

A report from Sunday Mirror claims that Manchester City are considering legal action against La Liga president Javier Tebas. The club has reportedly contacted lawyers to ask whether they will be able to sue Tebas regarding his comments about their overturned two-year European ban.

Tebas expressed his disbelief at the verdict of the Court of Abritration for Sport’s (CAS) after they decided to overturn the decision of the UEFA to ban the club for two years from European football. Earlier on Tebas claimed that the owners of Manchester City are the ‘doping’ of football.

A source at City told the Mirror: “We are aware of what Mr Tebas has been saying in the days since the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced their decision on our appeal. The matter has now been referred to our legal team to see if there is a course of action we can take to redress the balance.

“Mr Tebas’ views on the club are without any foundation. An independent body has ruled that UEFA’s decision to ban us from Europe was wrong. And the suggestion that we have got off on a technicality is both flawed and damaging to our reputation.”