Willian reveals what is needed for him to sign a new Chelsea contract

Willian still looks to be leaving Chelsea once the football season has ended for the Blues. The Brazilian’s contract ended in June, but he agreed on a short-term extension to be able to play for Chelsea during the final stages of the Premier League and Champions League. The 31-year-old has now revealed what Chelsea will have to do to keep him at Stamford Bridge beyond this summer.

“There are rumours about several teams that may be interested”, he said in an interview with YouTuber De Sola. “For the time being, I have had no concrete proposal. But rumours always arise”, Willian said. “I’m waiting. My agent hasn’t given me any news yet. I’m waiting for his call. Chelsea aren’t jealous. They didn’t say anything. At least they showed no jealousy. They’re letting go!”

“I already had a conversation with the club a few months ago, even before the stop. Chelsea only offered me two years and I asked for three. My goal in the next contract is to sign for three years. So I haven’t had a deal with Chelsea yet. This is what I asked the club for, three years of contract. If you give me that, I’ll get the pen and sign the contract tomorrow.”