Dani Alves: ‘I did not convince Neymar to join Paris Saint-Germain’

Dani Alves says he did not play any part in Neymar joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. The Brazilian super star was signed by the Parisians in a world-record transfer deal worth €225m from FC Barcelona. The transfer was one of the most drama-filled transfers ever and it has always been believed that Alves played a part in the transfer.

The former Barcelona and Juventus defender how reveals he did not play any part. “I convinced him of one thing and once,” Alves said. “In 2013 when he had the choice between Real and Barça, he had a super tempting offer from Real Madrid and I told him ‘if you are looking for the money go to Madrid, if you want to be happy go to Barça.’ I did not convince him of anything more. A lot of nonsense has circulated.”

In fact, it was Neymar who convinced Alves to join him at PSG. The defender was playing for Juventus at the time and could have moved to Manchester City to reunite with Pep Guardiola. It was Neymar who convinced his former team-mate to join him in Paris. Alves signed and would play for two seasons at PSG, winning six trophies.