Jurgen Klopp: ‘We cannot buy just because other teams buy’

Jurgen Klopp has admitted that Liverpool will not be spending big money this summer. The Reds have won their first league title in 30 years this season and Klopp is keen on defending the Premier League trophy next season. While Liverpool’s rivals look to spend big this summer, Klopp insists that they won’t spend money unless they feel they find a player who makes the team better.

The German points to the Reds not spending much last summer and during the winter window. “We had to build this,” Klopp said at his pre-match press conference. “It needed time, obviously. It’s not about spending, it’s about having the right team for the next season but always based on your own situation.”

“We cannot buy just because other teams buy, we cannot buy because everybody wants us to. We can buy if we have the money for it, if we have the need for it, all that stuff. Then, we will be there. If one of these things is not there, then we will not.” Liverpool spent €10m this season, with the largest part being spent on Japanese winger Takumi Minamino.

“We will go again and will not use it as an excuse. Imagine last year when we had 97 points, all of you [the media] what would have been your recommendation to me? Who should we bring in to have a chance to close the one-point gap to Manchester City? There would have been a lot of recommendations out there, for sure. But we didn’t [buy anyone], and you saw what happened.”

“We will have a lot of tests next year 100%, like we had this year and the year before. We have to make sure that we are ready for that. Some of these things can be decided maybe in the transfer market but, for sure, not all of them.” Liverpool will face Chelsea on Thursday at Anfield. After the game the Reds will receive their Premier League trophy.