Bergkamp: ‘What we did with Arsenal makes me more proud every year’

Dennis Bergkamp says amazing teams like Liverpool and Manchester City failing to go a season undefeated put’s Arsenal‘s achievement into perspective. City won the Premier League with a record 100 points, while Liverpool became the first team to be crowned champions after 33 games in one of the most dominant team displays the top-flight has ever seen.

But despite their efforts and amazing results, both teams failed to achieve what Arsenal did in 2004. The Gunners are still the only team in the Premier League to have won the league without a single defeat. Bergkamp reflected on the club’s campaign, explaining that the achievement gets better by the year especially if it remains unmatched.

“The word says it all – invincible,” Bergkamp told Four Four Two magazine. “You felt like that going onto the pitch. You knew you were going to win – it was just a matter of how, and by how many goals. You’d look around the dressing room and think, ‘Jeez, what a team’. We were better than our opponents in every single area.”

“We were all friends, too. We’d go to dinner with six or seven players, or meet up at someone’s house with the wives and girlfriends”, he added. “Maybe you need to be a team of friends to be successful. It was a great time and it went down in history.”

“It’s hard to beat – there have been some fantastic teams since then, quite recently with Manchester City and Liverpool, and they find it really difficult to do what we did. Every year, it makes me more proud. It was a tremendous achievement.” Arsenal collected 90 points in the 2003/2004 season, winning 26 games and drawing 12.