Frank Lampard after Liverpool row: ‘Don’t get too arrogant’

Frank Lampard has warned Liverpool not to get ‘too arrogant’ after the Reds beat Chelsea 5-3 at Anfield. Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy after their goal frenzy with the Blues. Lampard was involved in an exchange with the Liverpool bench and after the game the manager had an advice for Liverpool.

“For me it wasn’t a foul from [Mateo] Kovacic [on Sadio Mane] and there were little things that weren’t going,” Lampard referred to Sky Sports to the moment that lead to Trent Alexander-Arnold netting a free kick. “On the bench, I’ve got no problem with Jurgen Klopp, he’s managed his team and it’s fantastic.”

“Some of the bench, it’s a fine line between when you’re winning and they’ve won the league, fair play to Liverpool Football Club, but also don’t get too arrogant with it. In match play you get emotional and that was it.” Liverpool would score three goals in the first half and would add another two in the second half to finish the score at 5-3.

Despite the result, Lampard was happy with his team’s display. “It was extraordinary. Even when you say they threatened to run away with it, I felt we were in it because I could feel the way we were playing,” Lampard said. “The first half, in terms of football, we were in it, it was a turnover and a great strike, a non-foul that goes in the top corner and then terrible from us in defending a corner.”

“Other than that, we were okay, so the goal gave us hope, the lads showed great character, they’re a fantastic team and we can’t afford to make those mistakes. Some of the stuff I saw from our team today was resilient, was some quality and at 4-3 if we don’t concede a fifth, I felt like we were coming, but not to be.”