Klopp: ‘Everyone gets a medal, even if I have to produce them myself’

Jurgen Klopp came through on his promise that Harvey Elliot would receive a Premier League winners medal. The rules of the league state that a player must be involved in at least five matches, with Elliot only making a maximum of three appearances. Upon learning the rule, Klopp vowed that every Liverpool player in the squad would receive a medal and after Liverpool beat Chelsea 5-3, the German came through.

“I would rather we think about the rule again and make it so if you play one game you get a medal,” said Klopp. “If they play, they should have a medal to be honest and not have to play five games. I am not sure who came up with that idea but I don’t think it is a good rule.”

“People don’t understand how important a squad is to win a championship. If you play no game you should get a medal. If you are a goalkeeper and you don’t play, you should get a medal because you train five million times for a year and if you don’t train at the highest level you have no chance to win a championship.

“So someone decides they need five games to win a medal? These boys will get a medal 100 per cent if I have to produce it by myself. They can have my medal but it is not really the right rule. What is that? We have to win football games and it is not about that. we cannot just give the appearances away here and there. But if they deserve a medal they will get a medal, if not from the Premier League then from me.”

And the German Liverpool boss came through as Elliot was awarded one of the forty medals that have been awarded to the club’s celebrations at Anfield on Thursday. After the game Elliot posted on Instagram a picture of himself wearing the winners medal stating ‘An Absolute dream come true.”