Klopp: ‘We are gonna have a party when this bullsh*t virus is gone’

Jurgen Klopp has urged fans of Liverpool to keep thought of the social distancing measures when celebrating the victory in the Premier League. The Reds waited thirty years for a Premier League title and the club received the trophy after they beat Chelsea 5-3 on Anfield.

Due to the Covid-19 regulations there weren’t any fans allowed in the stadium when Liverpool received the trophy, but Klopp has promised that there will be a party when they are allowed again. “If you cannot see that we do this for you then I cannot help you, really,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

“Five years ago I asked you to change from doubters to believers. I asked and you did it. You made us champions. Thank you very much. We should all celebrate. Drink what you want but you have you to prepare for a party when this bullsh*t virus is gone. Then we will have a party all together. Make sure you are ready then.”

He added: “We are champions – it’s the truth. We won four trophies, big ones. I couldn’t be more proud. Usually I don’t need pictures with something but I will have a picture with all four trophies – it doesn’t happen too often.” Liverpool will close the season with an away game at Newcastle United on Sunday.