Shearer names the player who could break his Premier League goals record

Alan Shearer has revealed that Mason Greenwood could be the one that will break his Premier League goalscoring record in the future. The former England striker has been topping the Premier League’s goal scoring records list for years now after he scored 260 goals for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

Over the years many great strikers have tried to beat the record but all failed. Closest to beat Shearer’s record is Wayne Rooney who ended up on 208 Premier League goals. According to Shearer 18-year-old Mason Greenwood could be the one that will beat his own record. The youngster has scored 10 goals for Manchester United this season, becoming the first teenager to reach double figures since Rooney.

And despite Greenwood needing to 250 or more goals to beat the record, Greenwood has made a huge impression on Shearer. “A potential superstar. I respect the power, left foot, right foot, and the way he gets his shot away early, he doesn’t give the keeper a chance to set himself. Whether it’s near-post or far-post. Everything is power, head down and hit it as hard as you can.”

“I was taught at Southampton, by my old youth coach Dave Merrington, to concentrate on that right foot and make it unstoppable. Now, he can do it with his left or right foot. He gets it away early and the goalkeepers have no chance. Tonight was exactly the same. Watch how he takes it early.”

“I think in 12 or 13 years time, we could be talking about a Premier League record goalscorer. I know there’s so many things that can happen in someone’s career. But I think he’s that good.” In the past Shearer felt Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero were the ones to beat his record. 26-year-old Kane currently has 142 goals, while Aguero is on 180 goals.