UEFA announces dates for 2020/2021 Europa League

The UEFA have announced the official dates for next season’s Europa League. The second tournament of Europe will officially start on August 20 as the first Preliminary round will be played. The Group Stage is set to start on October 22.

There has been a massive change for the setup of the tournament next season, being that the preliminary rounds will be determined with a single leg, due to the impact of the coronavirus on the 2019/2020 virus. Also to avoid the possibility that clubs could be involved in both the remaining matches of the 2020 tournament in August and the preliminary rounds for next season.

Meanwhile the UEFA is eagerly awaiting the return of the Europa League this summer. The tournament will resume on August 5 with the return legs in the round of 16. After that the remaining rounds of the tournament will be held in a short tournament in Germany. The final is set to be played on August 21 in Cologne.

Official dates set by the UEFA

Preliminary round: August 20

First qualifying round: August 27

Second qualifying round: September 17

Third qualifying round: September 24

Play-offs: October 1

Group stage: October 22 and 29, November 5 and 26, December 3 and 10