Jurgen Klopp responds to Lampard: ‘We are not arrogant’

Jurgen Klopp has hit back at Chelsea manager Frank Lampard for calling them ‘arrogant’. The Chelsea boss had a bust-up with Klopp and several members of his coaching staff during Liverpool‘s 5-3 win over Chelsea. Lampard told reporters after the game that he felt Klopp and his staff were arrogant.

Klopp responded: “You cannot hit me and my bench with something like that because we are not arrogant. Frank was obviously in a really competitive mood and I respect that a lot. From my point of view in this sort of situation you can say pretty much what you want. For me, after the game it is completely over.”

“I said a lot in the past because it is pure emotion. He came here to win the game or get a point, to make Champions League qualification, and I respect that a lot. But what he has to learn is to finish it with the final whistle and he didn’t do that. Speaking afterwards about it like this, that’s not okay, Frank has to learn this and he has a lot of time to learn as he is a young coach but that is what he has to learn.”

“During the game, the words used were no problem at all but after final whistle? No. We are not arrogant, we are pretty much the opposite. But in a moment like this in an argument you want to say something to hurt the other person. I have no problem with that but at the final whistle close the book. He didn’t do that and that is what I don’t like.

“And by the way, the reason I speak now about it – because otherwise there would be no words from me – but because he spoke after about it, I feel the need to explain!” Liverpool will wrap up their season on Sunday when they travel to Newcastle United. The Reds have already been kicked out of the Champions League by Atletico Madrid, meaning Klopp and his men will be able to enjoy a holiday before the new season in the Premier League kicks-off.