Rodgers: ‘Leicester want Champions League, Man United need it’

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers is looking forward to the ‘clash of the year’ against Manchester United on Sunday. Both teams will need a result to secure a spot in next season’s Champions League. Leicester will need a win, while United need a single point. The former Liverpool and Celtic boss insists that there will be more pressure on his opponents.

Ahead of the match on Sunday, Rodgers told a news conference: “There is a difference where we want to be in the Champions League, but when you’re a club like Manchester United, there’s a need to be in the Champions League. We want to be in it, but if we fall short, it’s still been a really good season.”

Rodgers is looking forward at the high pressured game, which will certainly be the biggest game since he took charge at Leicester. “I’ve been involved in finals and two-legged games where games mean everything so I’m not new to the situation. It’s just very exciting,” he said. “Sometimes things peter out in a season, but for us this is what you’re looking for. Our season doesn’t finish until the very end, we can finish on a high.”