Internazionale confirm that Alexis might not play in the Europa League

Internazionale fear that they will not be able to use Alexis Sanchez in the remaining matches of the Europa League this summer. The club have been in talks with Manchester United over the past few weeks, but the negotiations are increasingly tense and an agreement is still not on the table.

“It’s an anomalous issue, considering the Europa League can be changed by the absence of certain players,” Inter director Giuseppe Marotta told Sky Sport Italia. “The situation has not been resolved yet, we are working to at least keep hold of him for the entire Europa League.” It is believed that Manchester have demanded Sanches to accept a large wage cut before they will accept to extend the loan.

Inter coach Antonio Conte says Manchester United don’t want to extend his loan as they fear the Chilean might hunt them in the Europa League. “In England, they say Manchester United are forced to win it, as otherwise they might not qualify for the Champions League,” Conte told Sky Sport Italia.