Maurizio Sarri wants all-attack mentality from Juventus against Sampdoria

Juventus will be able to secure the title in the Serie A on Sunday if the team manages to beat Sampdoria at their own stadium. Head coach Maurizio Sarri says he wants his side to take a gamble and use an attacking mentality to claim the title. Juve would have already won the title if they did not lose to Udinese, but they fell to a shocking 2-1 loss.

Looking ahead to the game Sarri said: “This is an atypical situation, nobody had ever played for the league title in July. Having said that, we can and must be far more solid. There are some blackouts lately, but the Udinese one wasn’t complacency, it was trying too hard.”

“Sampdoria have found their shape and can remain organised for most of a match. It’s no coincidence they’ve won five of their last nine games. They are tough to beat, but we have an objective in our minds and nobody must be more motivated than we are.”

“It’s about finding the right balance, reading the various moments of the match. I do like always going forward, but you have to read the situation too. I am not going to deny I prefer the all-attack mentality, though.”

“This is the most difficult season in Italian football history. If we look at the tables, they have been turned since the lockdown too. Faced with evident difficulties, I think the team has done well.”