Maurizio Sarri after winning first Serie A title: ‘Special feeling’

Maurizio Sarri won his first ever Serie A title on Sunday as Juventus beat Sampdoria 2-0. After the game the Italian talked about clinching his first major title in Italian football. He also became the oldest coach ever to win the Scudetto, aged 61 years and six months.

“It has a special feeling, of course. It’s difficult to win, it becomes even more complicated to keep winning, as taking something for granted in sport is one of the biggest lies in the world,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“It was not a walk in the park. It was long, difficult, stressful, and this squad deserves a lot of credit for continuing to find the hunger and determination to keep going after eight wins in a row. I left the field because I was trying to avoid getting a bucket of water thrown over me, as it was obviously on its way, but I didn’t manage to get away.”

Juventus have now won nine consecutive Serie A titles. “Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala make the difference on the field, so clearly they deserve a lot of credit, but the club behind them is every bit as important. We have a President and directors who attend training every day, are there to exchange ideas, see if you need anything and put petrol in the tank of this team. The club is a big part of why they were able to win for so many years. They back you even when you lose.”

“In terms of organization, Juventus are at the top of European football. I could not have asked for anything more. Obviously, it takes a while to settle in, understand the approach, the way things work here, then after a while you can start trying to tweak a few things. You can’t just walk straight into a club that has won for eight years in a row and immediately try to order changes. That wouldn’t be very intelligent.”